Onsite Enables Any Site to Become a Custom Ipad Mag

Posted: May 9, 2011 in advertising, marketing tips
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This just goes to show that any business cannot afford to depend on just one technology or social media strategy. (Yeah, even if it’s Apple.) People forget while they are waiting for Steve Jobs to run the world that there are many that will take his products/platforms and run with them. Sometimes counter to what has been established. You can never stop looking for new marketing channels or delivery methods.

Publishers are going to have to take a page from the social media strategy used by advertisers now. Engage your audience. You can’t monetize the content. Use the content as a magnet and categorize that audience with demographics and psychographics. Use this as the basis for approaching advertisers and fixing rates. It works for broadcast and has for decades. Hulu seems to be doing a good job to translating it to an online experience. As well, there’s a nice industry in some major cities for free weekly newspapers, both as a published and online entity. (The published versions have been in existence since the 70’s, so I’d say there’s a good track record for giving your publication away and still making money.)



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