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Seth Godin recently had a blog post titled “Fifty is the new thirty“. In it he validated his claim by offering up evidence of longer life spans and career activity. The point he made was that those that follow demographics were still ignoring older consumers, instead choosing to accept stereotypes perpetuated by those very same erroneous statistics. Bottom line: businesses that use age demographics to base their marketing on were missing out on potential customers by outright not addressing them.

If your marketing is based on psychographics this would not happen. Psychograpics targets Needs/Wants/Fears/Desires. It is attitude and viewpoint oriented. It can be used to inform and shape impressions of a product or service. There is no age or gender boundary. (Unless, of course the product/service is specifically designed that way.)

Pull your head out of the demographic rut and widen the marketing approach. Nobody succeeds by limiting themselves right at the beginning.


Yammer: Business Twitter

Posted: September 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

Yammer is essentially Twitter for business. You sign up with your work domain and ask others to join. If your company is not paying for a CRM program or another collaborative tool, then this could do the trick. Sign up is free. There’s only a charge if someone decides they want to be an administrator. Otherwise, it doesn’t have the 140 character limit of Twitter. Combine this with some other tools (free or inexpensive) and you can essentially set up a CRM suite one piece at a time.

Unless you’re with a really large company that wants to own a proprietary system; this could be the start of that suite.