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Gapminder screen capture

Gapminder Chart chock full of goodies

Gapminder is a site with tons of potential info for Marketers following international trends. This would enable one to also make educated guesses as to the future. Check out everything on the site and be sure to click on the ‘how to use’ button on the graph to get the most out of it. Happy hunting.


What holds more credence with people: an MBA from an accredited university or certification in a specific skill? If you hold an advanced degree already; do people take you for an subject expert with a certification? 

I can honestly see this going both ways in marketing and business in general. Despite the onslaught on colleges and universities offering MBAs, there are many, in managerial and higher positions, in businesses that have only bachelor degrees. (If that, even.) You would think anyone with an MBA in any discipline would automatically have a leg up. (Seeing as how any accredited institution is going to require teaching beyond the degree’s major, and in essence the graduate is poised to run a company.) In truth, while an MBA holder has a great deal of knowledge and skills to offer, things often come back to networking in order to advance.

Nevertheless, considering the commitment and work involved, one would think that an MBA holder would command a certain amount of respect or deference in relation to the subject of their major. When a “go to” person is needed, you would think they would be near the top of the list. (Of course, there’s always real world experience to consider as a factor also. This can work for or against the MBA holder depending on their age and time in a profession.)

Now, look at someone with a certification. This is supposed to represent an expertise in a specific skill/ business area. You can look these up on the Internet, and the sponsoring organization (a huge factor if you ask me) can range from an actual esteemed institute to something with an interesting acronym, but is totally bogus. (To quote those venerated scholars, Bill & Ted.)

Also to factor in; certifications are given from passing a test usually preceded with studying or a class. Even from the most prestigious organizations, this is the equivalent of a small fraction of the work associated with an MBA. (or even a Bachelor’s) Even an extremely difficult test may be equal to a mid-term in one class.

What a certification really signifies is that someone has reacquainted themselves with terminology and skills that they might not use on a regular basis. This can happen for a number of reasons. Current business conditions or technological advancements may have turned away from an established practice. Maybe a refresher is needed in case things go the other way.

My wife is a nurse, and as such requires certain certifications (even with a BSN) are always kept up to date. If not, she cannot work in certain departments of the hospital. If it inspires confidence in her associates and patients, why wouldn’t the same hold true in the business world?

Now that I’ve bandied the subject about and come to no clear cut conclusion, you can take the cue and weigh in with your two cents worth. What do you think?